The Year End Battles | Barclays Premier League

Three Gameweeks left now and one of them will be key. Hopefully seeing what a double week can do for your ranking, you’ll prep just like we do here. I should also follow through with my advice as well. One key miss for me was my recommendation of Jason Puncheon who had 23 total points last gameweek and has been a beast with 39 points in his last three games.

Using Jason as proof to follow through I want to point out my recommendation of Aaron Ramsey from last week. Watching the game this past week it was clear to see that he is in form and needs to jell a bit more to get back to the early season form that got him to 112pts pre injury. It will take a little bit more game time but you can see it will happen during their “easier” run-in.

This part of the season is all about battles, the one for the top spot between Liverpool and Chelsea and City. The champs spot between Arsenal and Everton, and of course the relegation battle. This is where you scout those teams and see who wants to be the team hero.

Now with Silva nursing an ankle injury it may be time to look at Nasri or another Midfield option.I have also opted to transfer Mirallas out for Gerrard for the final run in as this will be a close end to the season and will be great to watch as a fan. You can see players like Puncheon and Ramsey are the ones who want to be the catalyst for their respective teams.


With a double game week in two weeks you’ll want to have coverage on the Manchester teams and keep your free transfer in Game week 36 in your pocket so you can adjust your team.

Below is my team selection for game week 35


Lukaku – A dud as captain but I will keep him for the United game and consider a transfer if he blanks again

Dzeko – Only featuring for 89 minutes in both games in the Double it may be time to transfer for Augero

Suárez – An away game to Norwich can be very rewarding as Liverpool need to get every point possible to stay on top. Keep in mind his 4 goals and 1 assist the last time they met.


Mata– Back off the bench it will be interesting to see United’s set up and formation and team selection

Ramsey – A risk that paid off with a beauty assist on Podolski’s goal I am confident that we will see more of that

Livermore – Buried on the bench but will keep him for the double game week

Gerrard – Brought in for his penalty spot status I feel he will be a very big part to helping Liverpool take the league title

Silva – I will start him this game week but understand if he doesn’t feature


Zabaleta – Such a crap double game week he’ll need to make up for it this week

Demel – I expect a low scoring game as both of the teams are mid table and relegation safe

Ward –As noted above both teams are playing for their fans and putting on a good show but nothing at risk

Coleman – A defender against United is never good for clean sheets but I will keep him as first sub

Cahill – Chasing the title you can expect tight defensive games from here on in.

As always Good Luck and I’ll see you next Game week!

The Second Last Double Gameweek | The Set Up

Another pivotal week in Fantasy Football as we have another double game week to take advantage. With this double game week and the one in gameweek 37 these are the best times to take advantage and gain some much needed points going into the finale of the season.

Now you don’t want to load up on players or teams that have poor run ins like Sunderland. Who face Everton, Chelsea and both Manchester teams in their next five. Really the type of Run in’s we are looking for is one like Arsenal. Who face no team higher than Ninth (Newcastle) in all of their games left. Now with that in mind Arsenal do not have a double game week in Gameweek 37 so I would opt for minimal coverage with them.

In my video this week I go through the teams which are the best to choose from for the double game weeks you can see that right below.


Now with Hazard out for an estimated two weeks it’s time to look at some alternatives. I did not include Gerrard simply because if you do not already have him the “one more yellow” risk is too high to get him now.

Eriksen – 6.6 and only 5.1% ownership, meaning he is a good differential. Only two home games left but a good run in similar to Arsenal.

Ramsey – 6.9 and 19.3% ownership (mostly dead teams) so expect that to rise. Good run in and three home games

Silva – 9.6 and 10.3% ownership, possible to play in both double gameweeks with Yaya out meaning lots of opportunity.

Aaron Ramsey Double Gameweek 34

If anything you should get some City coverage and lots of it since they have the most games left still. Also consider Man-U as the will have a double in game week 37 as well.

Here is this weeks Team Selection


Lukaku – He looked like the beast of Old and I will be keeping him for the double and possibly for the end run in.

Dzeko – A great for this week’s Double game week as Aguero may or may not feature in both but you can wager that he will feature in both. Maybe not all 180 minutes but close

Suárez – I am sticking to my captain Suarez choice for the rest of the season as it makes it easier to handle.


Mata– On the Bench this week as United will not feature this week

Ramsey – A risk to bring in no doubt but one that can pay off in the final run in as Arsenal look to keep their Champions League Spot

Livermore – On the Bench but will keep as Hull will have a double in gameweek 37

Mirallas – In for Nolan simply due to the double game week and the fatigue that Nolan looks to be having lately

Silva –Another great pick for the double I will have him for the rest of the season as he has two double gameweeks


Zabaleta – Maxing out my City coverage for the final run in Zab’s a great choice.

Demel – I buried him on my bench and he scores, Oh well…

Ward –Playing simply due to the double gameweek this week Villa and Everton will be tough

Coleman – A double gameweek and one of my defenders who I’ll keep for the rest of the season

Cahill – Liverpool their only next big game out of them all it looks like Chelsea will have a good run in as well.

As always Good Luck and I’ll see you next Game week!


Brazuca Ball | Show Your Colours To Win

As you can see on the site Adidas and I are working to bring you great deals on their world cup products as the 2014 tournament approaches. For the past month I have been picking out players from highly ranked (or teams expected to do well) and predicting their fate in the group stages.

Adidas has been kind enough to put up one of their 2014 Brazil World Cup Match Ball for grabs. I intend to take it. With your help I need you to choose your side. Since Canada has yet to make the World Cup Group Stage I’ll just bash all the other national teams that qualified. Not

Brazuca Ball 2014

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The Adidas Brazuca Official Match Ball of the 2014 FIFA World Cup has already been used by the world’s best soccer players. Carefully Constructed with premium materials in the cover, backing, and bladder, the Brazuca has greater on-field performance. Thermally-bonded surface for great touch, consistent weight, and predictable flight. With 6 identical panels for the truest, most accurate flight ever offered by a soccer ball. Design includes tournament logo and colors that match the flag of Brazil.


To help promote the approaching 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, Adidas has outfitted one if its Brazuca soccer balls with six HD action cams, this will allow the capturing a 360-degree panoramic video from the Brazuca’s perspective.

This particular ball, fittingly called the Brazucam, will travel the world in the coming weeks leading up to the 2014 world cup, going to countries including England, Germany, and Spain. While there, it will join the respective national football teams during their warm ups, and take some stunning spherical panoramic video footage while being passed around by Football stars such as Christano Rinaldo, Robin Van Persie, Eden Hazard, Neymar, , Philipp Lahm, and David Villa.Pretty cool if you ask me and I may ask to use some of the footage to make a new promo for the 2014 World Cup

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